Susan Brooks
August 2019
Bayfront Health Seven Rivers
Crystal River
United States




Susan was nominated by family members of 2 different patients under her care. Susan is known as an exemplary nurse, a team player and a patient advocate above all.
On one of her nominations, the family member nominating her related to us that her uncle had come into the hospital very sick; he was severely dehydrated, with nausea, vomiting and had difficulty swallowing. The family was very concerned about his condition and about being at the hospital, but "from the minute Susan walked into his room and introduced herself we felt instantly at ease. Susan has the most wonderful bedside manner with patients and families we have ever encountered. She explains everything that she is doing, and why she is doing it."
Both letters refer to her compassion, empathy, positive attitude, always encouraging and how she provides nursing with her heart. One of the family members said, "Thank you, Susan, for your above and beyond service that you provide to each of your patients. We can never pay you or thank you enough for your kindness."