Sue Adie
July 2016
The Birthplace
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
United States




It was a very busy day in the Birth Place. We had already done 3 c-sections by noon and were caring for and juggling many different patients and needs. As resource nurse that day, I had already moved RNs and had to change a few assignments to assure all our patients were taken care of as the needs changed rapidly with incoming triage patients of whom most went on to be admitted. We were stretched very thin and even had to ask the main OR to send some cleaning help for the OR turnovers. I was aware there was a staff meeting happening from 10-12 and was reminded again when I saw a few of my coworkers come to the nurses' station to fill in their time and attendance at the meeting. Susan Adie came in and looked at our census board and asked me with a little smile on her face, "Do you want me to stay?". I immediately said, "Well of course I would love for you to stay!" With no other questions asked, she changed into scrubs and jumped all in. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.
She took over my patient for me that I was just admitting with pre-eclampsia. Within the hour, what started out to be an unscheduled c-section rapidly turned into an urgent c-section when we discovered this patient had HELLP syndrome and was rapidly deteriorating. Susan used her expert level of clinical skills to facilitate the patient's needs. Our team of nurses and physicians worked hard and fast, and the c-section went smoothly, but the patient was clearly becoming more unstable in just the few short hours she had been with us. Soon, the attending doctor decided this patient needed to be sent elsewhere for more intensive care and she would also need to be air lifted there. Susan laughed a little with me through this and said "Boy, not sure I should have stayed!" But I knew she truly was joking and realized even more the importance of her presence with a super busy floor and now a very sick patient.
The helicopter team landed within 10 minutes of the decision being made. Sue never left the patient's side. She quickly completed all of her charting at the bedside while tending to the patient so that everything would be completed upon the patient's departure. She not only gave excellent care but helped facilitate an emergency transfer with the helicopter team which to my knowledge might have been the first for her from here on The Birthplace.
The day was so busy, I just look back on it and realize we could not have done it without Susan Adie. And, I could not complete this nomination without also saying that the level of care and teamwork that she consistently provides is something to be acknowledged. She always sees where there are needs and fills them without hesitation. When she is the resource nurse on her weekend, she is always checking in with coworkers and getting in "the trenches" with them wherever needed, whether it's taking care of sick patients, or simply doing vital signs or teaching to help out her coworkers. She is a role model of what a team player means! And I know in a heartbeat she would come in again on her day off if we needed her!