May 2017
Touro Infirmary and Touro Infirmary Foundation
New Orleans
United States




My wife and I are first time parents and our son was admitted to the NICU twelve hours after he was born. We were completely terrified. All of the nurses did an amazing job, but Summer really stood out. We were lucky to have her assigned to us for four straight day shifts. Her optimism, enthusiasm, and encouragement helped carry us through tough diagnoses, struggles with breastfeeding, and general exhaustion.
The first time my wife pumped over an ounce of milk we were excited, but couldn't wait to show Summer. I know that's silly, but we really felt like Summer was in this with us the whole way and that brought us so much comfort. We felt very lucky to have such good care and nurses the whole time we were here. Everyone has been great and as long as we are in New Orleans our babies will be born at Touro.