Sue Chun
August 2019
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




First, let me begin by saying I have been in and out of Meyer 4 for a few years now and every time I get re-admitted I never feel judged when I see Sue. Sue is the kindest, most sincere individual I have met. Honestly, I am so grateful that I was able to create a bond with her and every time she was working I always hoped she was my nurse for the time.
The most recent admission I was not in the best place at all. I was ashamed, guilty, and hopeless about my current situation as well as my future. For a few days, I was able to hold it together, answer all the routine questions with short answers but once Sue was assigned to me the third day I was there, she did not take the run of the mill answers I was used to giving. Sue sat with me and while expressing her concern and how she knew I was not okay I broke down. Not only did Sue comfort me but she was also kind enough to take me to a quieter area to let me cry. I do not like crying but having such a caring, empathetic nurse sit by my side and make me feel like there was hope, made me feel so much better.
I was discharged from the unit, but leaving someone who had full faith in me is bittersweet. Although I am glad to be off the unit I am sad to be leaving the most supportive, caring nurse I have ever had. I am also using this DAISY Award to say goodbye to Sue, I did not get to give her a hug when I discharged but I know she is cheering me on. I can imagine Sue giving me a hug and telling me that "she never wants to see my face on Meyer 4 but if I have to come back then she will be there".
Sue, I am thanking you for being there for me. I thank you for helping me challenge my thoughts, look out for my well-being, and push me to be honest even when I feel like I cannot. I thank you on behalf of all the patients who you have helped and for the future patients who have the chance to have you as their nurse. I am hopeful that one day we will run into each other on the outside world or when you are applying to schools to become a psychologist, I will hopefully be one of your classmates.