Stephanie Arocho
May 2019
Infusion Therapy
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




Stephanie Arocho is remarkable. Her empathy to me, her positive outlook, her expertise, her curiosity to remain current on Rheumatoid Arthritis research and discussion make her a total joy. People kid me because I love coming for my infusion treatment. Stephanie is very sensitive to causing her patients any pain when inserting needles. She proceeds carefully and slowly to prevent pain. Talking with her lifts my spirits so successfully that I am not even aware of the infusion or the time that passes. I am so fortunate to have her as part of my care team. Stephanie makes me feel safe and cared for and her awareness and vigilant posture always tells me that she is totally trustworthy and on top of things. One time, I told Stephanie that I was concerned about losing my dexterity, especially since I sculpt and work in clay. She asked to see my work and made me feel so special. Every time I'm here, she asks to see my work and talks "art" with me. HSS is incredibly lucky to have Stephanie as a talented and Extraordinary Nurse on staff.