Stefani Chase
September 2022
Lutheran Medical Center
Wheat Ridge
United States




She saw my worst and gave me her best.
I had my first experience as a hospital patient at Lutheran Medical center. I underwent a battery of tests that suggested a coronary issue, and I received a heart catheterization procedure. I was placed in the PCU area. My night nurse was Stefani, and she was much more than a nurse to my wife and me during the nights; she became our friend. I experienced profound stress and anxiety as I awaited a heart catheterization procedure. She sensed my concern and took the initiative to check on me over a dozen times during the course of that night. She performed a myriad of duties for me, including monitoring the telemetry cardio functions, administering medications and injections, re-attaching loose monitor wires, monitoring and changing IV fluids, and, the most important and simple task, checking to see how I was feeling and encouraging me to remember that I was receiving the best option for my coronary care. My pulse rate unexpectedly dropped drastically, and Stefani immediately observed this change and telephoned the cardiologist. I found her efforts to be particularly commendable with the many competing demands for her time and attention. Her attentive care, gentle and soothing manner, and her heartfelt compassion made my stay easier to manage. With her characteristic warm smile and cheerful demeanor, I could see the weariness in her eyes as her shift came to an end. Stefani has efficaciously progressed through each milestone of a healthcare provider - technical competence, articulate communication skills, and interpersonal skills with her colleague and patients. I spent more time with Stefani than any other individual at the hospital - she saw my worst and gave me her best. She made me a better patient. I believe Stefani fulfills all the aspirations of the DAISY Award. She serves as an inspiration to her nursing peers and to her patients.