Stacey Mazzurco
August 2022
Clinical Trials HHVI
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
United States




Without Stacey, I am confident that we would not be in the position we are now.
I am writing to you today to tell you the story of how our family met Stacey Mazzurco while on vacation in Mexico. My family and I were at the pool on the resort in Mexico… enjoying the sun, breeze, and a vacation for the first time in three years. Our goal for the day was simple, relax and take an updated group “selfie” that recreated one from our very first trip as a big family. Let me back up a bit and explain by family, I mean: my mother, father, brother, and my little family, husband and two daughters. This selfie meant we were adding little sister into the original group from before. Regardless, as we struggled some to snap this photo, a woman sitting next to the pool asked if we wanted some help getting a shot… we explained that we were recreating a photo… but would possibly take her up on the offer for a more standard group portrait, which we did not too long after.

We chatted with her for a while as we learned it was her first day at the resort so we explained a few things we had learned since we had been there a bit longer. My mom and Stacey continued to talk a bit more even after the rest of us dispersed to play and enjoy the pool. We took a break and enjoyed a bit of lunch before returning back to our spots at the pool, playing for a bit longer while my youngest napped poolside on a chair next to my mom. She ended up rolling over in her sleep, waking her as we caught her from falling off the chair so I took her back to the pool and walked around trying to get her to go back to sleep. She wasn’t interested so my husband took her and sat up next to my mom… My daughter was very upset so he decided to take her to the room for a proper nap and cool down, and the rest of us decided we needed to get out, dry, and apply more sunscreen.

This is when my dad noticed my mom was laying oddly on the pool lounger. He attempted to adjust her to be more comfortable (she was laying on my pool bag full of toys for the girls and sunscreen) and when he did, her right arm flopped down off the lounger. We tried to wake her up and she was slurring her speech and wouldn’t open her eyes. We started to panic. My brother ran to get a medic or help from the staff at the resort… they sent a lifeguard. He attempted to get her blood pressure and pulse ox and was struggling. We kept asking them to call for another medic, someone with more training. In all the commotion, Stacey overheard and stepped in. She was able to properly get her blood pressure… it was not good, 200 over something and she demanded they call 911 immediately. The staff continued to argue with her and she continued to push. Finally, the resort “doctor” (I’d use that term lightly) showed up and was less than helpful, he didn’t even assess her. He walked away and stood far away from the rest of the situation, but I guess he called 911. So did my brother. It was urgent. That’s when what Stacey said sunk into me… my mom was having a stroke. Of course, the staff assumed she had too much to drink… but we knew that was not the case even though they didn’t listen. Regardless… Stacey continued to push. She asked the other guests around if anyone had aspirin… someone did and they ran to get it and bring it back. She kept trying to get my mom to squeeze her hands, respond, and open her eyes… when they were slightly open to follow her finger. It was a struggle… my mom was not well. It was absolutely terrifying. Stacey was our absolute savior.

In the end, the ambulance came, and off went my dad and mom in it, on a 45 minute ride to a hospital in Cancun. Stacey’s help, guidance, and support didn’t end there. It has been one week since this happened and she continues to check in with me. She continues to verify that the steps taken by the hospital in Cancun are proper steps to help my mom, including giving advice on what to get before we leave and can be transported home… back to Missouri. Without Stacey, I am confident that we would not be in the position we are now.

My mom is significantly better. The medicines and doctor team at the Cancun Hospital have been amazing and have taken excellent care of my mom, but I know they would not be as successful if it wasn’t for the quick action, guidance, and support from Stacey. We, the entire family, owe her more than words of appreciation, we owe her everything and we wish for her to be recognized for her continued support of the medical field and for people who are not even her patients (as a matter of fact, complete strangers). Without her help, this would be a completely different message. Again, there is no amount of words from us that can express our true gratitude… but we hope that this story lets you know even more what an amazing person and employee you have on your hands. We hope to stay in touch for a long time with Stacey, as she is and always will be, our extra guardian angel on our trip. We are eternally grateful for your wonderful staff member, Stacey. Thank you so much for helping save the life of my mom,—the absolute rock and foundation of our family.