Stacey Brown
February 2016
Newborn ICU
University of Virginia Health System
United States




After many months in the NICU, a family decided that it was time to allow their child to pass. It was a very difficult decision for this family to arrive at as one can imagine. It was with Stacey's care, attention to detail and enormously compassionate heart that helped this family find peace and spend their last few hours with their child while he was still alive. Stacey successfully created a peaceful environment in our bustling NICU creating a quiet zone lit only by candlelight (battery operated of course), she helped gather mementos which included hand and foot molds, she helped the family bathe and dress their child in preparation for his transition. Stacey's soft spoken and calm demeanor really provided comfort to this family during this difficult time.
Stacey's years of experience in the NICU ensured that not only was the child cared for during this redirection of care but she also ensured that the family was also cared for. She treated the infant and his family as a unit so that all of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs were met.
Redirection of care is not an uncommon occurrence in the NICU unfortunately. Stacey along with her nursing colleagues need to be recognized for the invaluable work that they do in caring for patients and their families during these difficult times. It is easy to simply state that this is part of working in the NICU. In a sense that is true, but one cannot forget that we are humans susceptible to the same emotional challenges as anyone. I am incredibly proud to call Stacey a fellow nurse. She did an incredible and commendable job with this family, as she does with all families every day! Stacey Brown is truly a healer!