Sobha Akkar
February 2021
City of Hope




Nurse Sobha was the greatest gift God sent to our family at the hospital
My father had been sick in the hospital for more than a month. As a family, it was the hardest time in our lives. Something to know about my father, he's the type that hates hospitals and doctors. In other words, he wasn't the easiest patient to take care of. Especially during the pandemic when he couldn't see his family at the hospital, his health started to decline even more. It was nurse Sobha who really encouraged him to not lose his faith and to resume eating when he didn't want to anymore. I can't even explain the extent to how nurse Sobha helped my father and my family.
She was there for us when we were finally allowed to be with our father due to his critical condition. While our world was spiraling down, nurse Sobha was the ultimate advocate for my father. Her many many years of experience in the industry gave my father a second chance at survival. She went the extra mile to talk to the doctors and expertly worked with everyone in the hospital to ensure my father had a fighting chance. I will say that nurse Sobha was the greatest gift God sent to our family at the hospital - and I say this without a doubt.
When my father passed away, I can honestly say we did everything possible with the help of nurse Sobha. She was always there, comforting us. My family will forever be grateful that we had her advocating for the best for my father. I sincerely hope other patients also have the chance to have a nurse like her on their side. City of Hope is certainly lucky to have the best and most dedicated person working for them.