Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith, RN

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

I nominate Sheila Smith as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. Sheila exemplifies the kind of nurse that the patients & families as well as Nurses, Physicians, and other members of the Health Care team recognize as an outstanding role model.

A young trauma patient was transferred to our floor from ICU. The patient is 22 years old and was very scared. She was in a motorcycle accident and had severed injuries to her left arm and left leg. Sheila was in the room with the patient when the MD came to see her. The patient complained that her leg didn't feel right. The patient's knee had popped out of place. The MD went to put it back in place right there in the room. Sheila jumped right in and told the patient to hit her PCA button and pulled out her PCA key to give her a nurse bolus. She stayed with the patient the entire time telling her what a great job she was doing.

The same patient went to the OR the following day and came back to us and was in a lot of pain and scared. She doesn't talk to her parents and we haven't seen any family. Sheila was in the room with me and offered to wash her hair and braid it for her. The look on my patient's face was so sweet. I could see tears in her eyes (joy/appreciation) and told Sheila she would love it. Sheila stayed true to her word and after she finished her assignments for the dayshift, etc. she went back into my patient's room and washed her hair and braided it. It was such a nice motherly thing to do and her actions put a huge smile on my patient's face.

Sheila is an exceptional nurse and an exceptional person. Out of anyone, she deserves this DAISY Award. She demonstrates compassion and clinical excellence in everything she does. She is truly a “hero” in my eyes. One of her greatest qualities is her willingness to help at any given moment while always smiling. Sheila always shows the patients, their families and our staff her love for her job. Her energy and happiness is contagious and the patients love her. As a lead nurse, she is always there to help. Whether it is a difficult IV start or a rectal tube, Sheila is always the first one to jump up and say “I can do it!” She teaches us every day and makes all of us better nurses. She is an inspiration to everyone and every hospital would be lucky to have a nurse like her. My patients consistently tell her that she makes them smile and feel more at ease. Her compassion for people is never ending and she has a heart of gold.

Sheila is just a super nurse. She helps out with all the patients and family members all the time. None of the family members or the patients have every complained about her. She is always ready to help all the nurses, take care of all patient needs and makes sure everyone is comfortable and happy. She totally deserves this award. Always makes sure patient’s pain is under control and never hesitates to call the doctors in the middle of the night. Sheila is just a wonderful, great, caring and super nurse.