May 2011
Los Angeles
United States




As far as I am concerned the nomination for Sheila to receive this award is long overdue. Sheila is my unit director who is fairly new at her job, but has handled it gracefully. Sheila has dealt with all of our issues and complaints along with the patients and their families. I often see Sheila working long hours and calling patients at home after their discharge for feedback on how their stay was on our unit. Sheila is all about compassion not only for the patients, but also for her staff. We had a nurse recently pass away without any warning. We were literally talking to the nurse and working with her and then to her being gone. Understandably, a lot of our nurses were saddened by the nurse's passing so Sheila wanted to do something special for the nurse who passed and for her staff to voice their feelings about her, and for the family she had left behind. Not only did she collect money for the family, but she wanted to have a service for her. Sheila mentioned to me she had met some resistance for setting up a service for this nurse from the spiritual staff because that is not something they normally do, but that did not stop Sheila from coming up with a beautiful service on her own with the family of the nurse who passed present. We all got to share our feelings and celebrate the life of the nurse who meant a lot to us. Thanks to Sheila we got to share our love and respect. Please consider Sheila for this award.

Nominated by Staff RN