Sharon Ludicke
January 2019
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Sharon was one of my husband's nurses at night, He couldn't get the rest he needed due to his pain and position in bed. The first night we had her, he had to go for an MRI. He had just had a brain tumor removed so it was excruciating. They immediately removed him from the MRI and brought him back to the room. Sharon really listened to him and was able to make him as comfortable as possible; she kept repositioning him, never losing patience with him. She truly went above and beyond.
We were fortunate to get Sharon a second and third night. She brought the NP in to discuss his meds to really, truly alleviate his pain. My husband was released for floor and we talked to the NP about making him more comfortable in ICU. Sharon helped us advocate for him to be as comfortable as possible. Her bedside manners and experience speak to this award.
We had a system outage when she was working, and she didn't even blink. She knew exactly what to do and did it with a smile. Such a compassionate person. She has found the perfect job. She has been our best nurse while here and we are so appreciative. We really appreciated having her. Quick on her feet and always finding a way to make my husband comfortable. Thank you for leading by example with a smile. You really make a difference every day. Thanks for touching our lives.