Becky Monteith
November 2019
Sharon "Becky"
Case Management
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Recently we had a patient on our unit who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. The patient only had a few weeks left to live. This patient's wish was to fly home to Honduras and be with her family during her last days of life. Becky, our case manager arranged everything: the patient was going to fly with a family caregiver to Honduras with pain medication and a special oxygen regulator that could be taken on an international flight.
Unfortunately, the oxygen was delayed and the patient was going to miss her flight. Becky stayed until 9 pm that night and was on the phone with the airline for over three hours trying to get the flight moved without the family having to pay countless fees that they could not afford. She was able to get the flight moved for the patient and her caregiver and got them upgraded to first class. She spent the next couple of days with the shipment tracker up on her computer making sure it would be delivered on time for the flight. Thanks to the hard work and persistence of Becky the oxygen regulator made it on time and the patient was able to make her flight. After the patient was discharged Becky followed up with the family to ensure the patient made it safely to Honduras. The patient was able to spend the last few weeks of her life surrounded by her friends and family.
This is just one example of how Becky goes above and beyond to coordinate discharges for our patients. Her calm and trusting demeanor makes working with her a pleasure. She is deliberate, tactful, persistent, and smart. She always has the best interest of the patients. Working on a unit with complicated patients can be stressful but Becky works meticulously with all members of the team and patients to discharge them safely and effectively. We could not do our job without the help of Becky. We love having her on our team!