Sharon Beathley
April 2016
Travel Division, ER
Advantage Medical Professionals
United States




Sharon Beathley was nominated for a DAISY Award for consistently going above and beyond while on her assignment in the ER at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center.
Throughout her assignment the feedback from the facility was about how exceptionally well Sharon was performing - both clinically and professionally. The facility was very impressed at her ability to consistently stay calm under pressure, to take lead when needed, and to be a supporting team member when needed. In fact, they referenced to us an incident that occurred during her first week of her assignment:
Sharon and the team encountered a pregnant patient in the parking lot who was on the verge of delivery. Sharon quickly and calmly jumped in to take control of the situation and got the team organized to successfully care for the patient. The patient turned out to be the daughter of one of the Vice Presidents of the facility.
Sharon has definitely earned this recognition 10 times over. Since starting with Advantage in December 2013, Sharon has been a delight to work with. She is more than just professional in her interactions - she is patient and understanding, and is a true example of someone who is willing to always be a team player. It is beyond just being flexible with her schedule. Sharon takes pride in her profession, and her passion for nursing is evident by her performance out in the field and even by the conversations had with her when speaking about her experiences and interactions about her assignments. I recall a time a few months back where Sharon and I were speaking about her experiences at Thibodaux Regional. I was moved by the stories Sharon shared with me - the actions she took with the other nurses to help inspire them and keep them focused on being positive in their thoughts and actions.
An agency nurse's career has its share of ups and downs with the many different facilities an agency nurse may work at. The dynamics, culture, technology, practice, and people change so often - which lead to great experiences and to difficult situations. Sharon's time with us has had a little of it all. I can honestly say that Sharon has consistently been professional and positive throughout. I am honored to have been able to work with Sharon… I know that when Sharon is out in the field, she is representing us on a top professional level. I believe that is a testament to the positive person she is and her love of what she does.
We are lucky to have Sharon on our team!