Satzy Pulido
October 2019
Emergency Room
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




I wanted to share my experience in the ED last night. My uncle came by ambulance to our ED yesterday around 1800. The ED staff provided such efficient, prompt care. His hemoglobin was 4.1 and lactic was elevated. He was hypotensive. He received blood transfusions through our massive blood transfuser. He was in pretty bad shape. I want to recognize Satzy, ED RN. She was orienting a new hire as well as taking care of my very sick uncle and multiple other patients. Satzy and her orientee went above and beyond to not only care for my uncle but also my aunts and cousin. Satzy advocated for my uncle when there was a delay in receiving blood products (>than 2.5 hours) by requesting an emergency transfusion to support his blood pressure and get him the blood he desperately needed. She kept us informed every step of the way. It was evident that she was taking care of my family like it was hers. I witnessed the same care bestowed upon her other patients as well. Even though the ED was very hectic, she diligently coached and guided her orientee through proper and thorough charting. It was awesome watching Satzy in action. She has been at RCH for less than three years and is orienting for Trauma. She is a true asset to RCH and ED. She made me very proud to call RCH my home.