Sarah Shupek
July 2019
Cardiovascular Unit, Progressive Care Unit, Med/Surg Unit
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Sarah can be her own worst enemy when it comes to never saying no to helping patients or staff, even if it means coming in at all hours of the day or night. Sarah cares so much about her patients that she sacrifices her own personal time off, including canceling a vacation recently to ensure her units were ok. She will not leave until every patient is cared for. When she became a nurse and took the Nightingale oath, she meant it with all her heart.
Recently, simultaneous patients were suffering a "code blue" so Sarah jumped in and managed the code without a second's hesitation. Sarah came in on a night shift because we were short a chemo nurse, so Sarah gave the chemo because the patient's chemo schedule couldn't be changed and there was no one to provide this important medication.
Sarah is a nurse's nurse, a sacrificial, old fashioned, do it right, do whatever you have to do, because we took that oath nurse. The nursing leadership at Riverside Community has watched her over the years continually sacrifice and continually do what is right for patients. Her bedside manner, including clinical skills, is amazing. Everyone has incredible respect for her both as a leader and clinician. Her staff knows that less than excellent is never going to be okay.
When Sarah rounds on patients, she is going to make sure that everything is going right for the patient. We know sometimes leadership is hard and it certainly can be challenging, but we as a team want Sarah to know that we see who you are, we see the passion you have for your patients, and we know our patients are better off because you are here at RCH. Nursing leadership and your unit teams love you and are committed to working with you. Congratulations and thank you for all you do!