Sara Chaparro
January 2019
Surgical Admissions Unit
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




I was scheduled for sinus surgery at Moore Regional Hospital. As I arrived that morning for surgery, I was completely nervous, as it was my first time ever having surgery. My fears were immediately calmed though as my nurse, Sara, came in to prep me for surgery. While she was very knowledgeable and obviously good at her job, it was her smile and friendly demeanor that reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. Sara went about prepping me for surgery and chatted away with both me and my husband, who was also nervous about me going under for the surgery. I enjoyed talking to her, and at one point did not even want her to leave my room! As we sat and waited to see the doctor before the surgery, I felt confident about everything that was about to happen, and knew I was in good hands - in more ways than one - I attribute all of that to Sara. And when the doctor walked in the room I was ready.
However, my surgery and post-op surgery plans were soon changed as the doctor told me that he couldn't perform the surgery because I was pregnant. This was extremely exciting news for me and my husband - shocking news to find out prior to sinus surgery - but an answer to our prayers. As the excitement settled down and the doctor told me we would reschedule the surgery in a year, Sara came back in the room to undo all the hard work she had just done by prepping me for surgery. Still in shock, neither my husband or I knew what to say or how to act or what was even going on. But that smile from Sara lit up our room. As she asked questions about the pregnancy and if it was our first, were we trying, etc. I felt that she was truly interested and cared about us - I felt as if she was a friend. I felt so many emotions in that hour and a half we were there - fear to comfort to shock to excitement to sheer joy - and Sara was a bright light during that time.
As we walked out of the SAU, Sara came running up to us with a stuffed animal. She explained that MRH volunteers make these little stuffed toys, and she wanted us to have one as it would be the first toy for our then planned to be first child. Tears welled in my eyes and I could not hold back the love and care I felt from this girl I had just met an hour prior. Unfortunately, the pregnancy resulted in a loss for us, but I will never forget the day we found out about our first pregnancy because of this amazing nurse, and I will forever keep that little stuffed toy as a remembrance of that time.
As a FirstHealth employee, I am always proud to hear positive stories about our hospital. As a writer for the organization, I have always loved telling these positive stories about patient experiences - I just never thought I would be writing about one of my own. FirstHealth of the Carolinas as a whole, Moore Regional Hospital, the SAU, and this community are all so lucky to have such an exceptional, positive, quality and passionate nurse to care for them like Sara Chaparro does - or has. Thank you, Sara, for treating me and my husband like we were family - I hope you care for me again one day!