Sandra Aguinaga
May 2018
Rockledge Regional Medical Center
United States




There are not "words" more of a feeling, a feeling of safety and security through a tough time.We never felt as though we were a burden. Always going above and beyond. Not only for Mother but for me. Sandie took the time to explain every side effect of the surgery, the pros and the cons of the meds that Mother was taking. She balanced Mother's pain without over medicating. Sandie showed great concern when I, the overprotective daughter, was worried about Mom's rosy cheeks. I was terrified of pneumonia because she had it before. Sandie comforted me, then celebrated with us as Mother's fever returned to normal. It's odd to mention joy in illness, but the blessing of care offered by nurses like Sandie brings one joy when it is needed the most. Offering unsurpassed care not because of a position of employment or pay but out of passion and pride for patient care. I will sing the praises of this hospital and your sister hospital to all that will listen. Thank you for taking such great care in the staff that you have hired.