Samantha Reddington
May 2020
Medical ICU
University of Virginia Health
United States




Last weekend my mother was admitted to the MICU, and Sam was assigned as her nurse for three days in a row. I do not have the words to describe how incredibly thankful I am for that. Sam provided the best care I could have asked for my mother, but she also cared for us.
She was honest but optimistic with us about her condition, she took the time to explain procedures and even medicines and equipment that were being used in her treatment. She showed genuine care, not just for her patient, but for us as the patient's family.
Nothing exemplifies this more than the events of Monday morning. My mother took a turn for the worse, and it became clear that no amount of medical intervention was going to prolong her time here on this earth. Sam did everything she could to make my mother comfortable, and when I arrived at the hospital, she met me in the MICU hall not knowing whether I knew where things stood, and with tears in her eyes gave me the biggest hug and let me know what was going on before I entered the room. I know that her care for my family was above and beyond her duty as a nurse, and for that, we will always be grateful. Sam made a terrible situation as easy as she possibly could, she is an absolute gem and UVA is blessed to have her on staff and my entire family believes she is a DAISY Nurse.