Salha Fathi Al Abd
June 2017
Medical Ward
King Saud Medical City, Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Salha is one of the nurses I highly commend not only for her inner work ethic but also in her attitude.
She is good with her colleagues and always has a sense of cooperation. She has that aura which emits positivity and light environment in the workplace in which makes work easy. I have known her since when I was charge and now her head nurse, she is one of the most dependable people in our unit that will not have absent not unless an emergency situation wherein she will inform her superiors ahead of time to avoid compromising the ward. She's also one of the most trusted staff to handle confidential issues in which she values the importance of privacy.
Moreover, I can confidently attest that she is one of my best bedside nurses. I can proudly say that she had rendered a tremendous nursing care and compassion to our patient who has been admitted for more than 2 years and stayed for more than a year in our unit. The patient had almost full body ungloving skin from his back to his lower extremities and through his entire stay as he is sleeping on his abdomen and there is burn cradle tent for it not to touch his body. The GS doctors and the Plastic Surgeon already discharged him but the family insisted to stay because of the wound that still needs further care and management. She patiently and carefully does the dressing changes even if it means going home very late. She will extend more than an hour just to attend the patient's needs, like changing the diaper and positioning the patient to a more comfortable position. Sometimes, due to the scarcity of resources, she will take time to look in another area for dressings indicated for her patient. While dressing the patient's wound, she sees to it that she is informing the patient on what she is doing and giving updates about the patient's wounds wherein the patient is fully aware regarding the current condition. She talks in an approachable, calm way and never gets tired of educating the patient on what to do. In addition, she makes sure to talk to her patient no matter how busy, listens to his worries, explains his disease as best as she can and lends a helping hand to her patient who is on his most vulnerable time. The family of the patient also commended her for going the extra mile on giving attention to every detail on patient care. And after seeing the progress of his skin is such a great achievement.
I would be glad to give my testimony for others to follow or encourage them to uplift and provide holistic care to the patient as our Florence Nightingale's spirit of compassionate care lives through her.