Roxanne Aguillera, BSN, RN
June 2021
Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus
United States




Roxanne has continuously risen to the occasion
Roxanne has displayed leadership qualities that we aspire to see in all of our unofficial leaders on the unit. Roxanne has continuously risen to the occasion, supporting her colleagues (as charge nurse/Mentor/Preceptor) providing exceptional care to her patients meanwhile showing compassion to all the new graduates that are joining our team during a pandemic. She has recently taken on the chair of the falls committee and has truly been passionate about improving our quality measures within the ICU. Specifically, she has taken the time to orient one of our newer nurses that has been struggling in adapting to the fast pace of the unit. She has been such a positive role model with her orientee and has shown time and time again expertise in patience with the new graduate, allowing the new grad to blossom into a well-rounded nurse.