Ronald "Jim" La Luzerne
September 2022
Ronald "Jim"
La Luzerne
Operating Room
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Jim has a warm approachability and sense of humor that puts patients and new orientees at ease.
Jim is the most supportive nurse I know in the OR. When someone needs to stay late to make sure Urology cases go smoothly, or we need someone to operate the laser - Jim is the guy you can always count on who will unselfishly put himself forward to help. Jim often stays well past his scheduled shift when there are unexpected surgical delays. He has an encyclopedic memory and holds a repository of information not found anywhere within the OR. He has a warm approachability and sense of humor that puts patients and new orientees at ease. Jim is an outstanding nurse whom I have been honored to work with and an absolute necessity to our operating room.


In knowing Jim for over 10 years now there are no nurses who seem more deserving of this award than him. He is so knowledgeable and hard-working. It is with regularity that he works extra hours or picks up shifts to help cover surgical cases that would otherwise not be able to be done. He is so skilled in essentially every surgical specialty within the hospital, and often picks up the slack wherever it is needed to keep things running on time.

In addition to these commendable traits, he is also incredibly personable and positive with all whom he comes into contact with. I have been honored to work alongside him and feel that he should be credited for the outstanding care and service he has provided to our patients and staff. Well done Jim... Well done!


Jim is the most skilled, kind, hard-working Nurse in the Hennepin O.R. I have worked with Jim for about 20 years. He always comes to work happy and ready for the day. His knowledge of the operative procedures and the overall workings of the O.R. far exceeds that of any other staff. EVERYONE loves Jim! Jim is always willing to stay overtime to help when staffing is short, which is almost every day. The entire O.R. staff goes to Jim with questions on how to do " this or that" and Jim happily helps them out - no matter how busy he is working his own O.R. case. I just can not say enough good things about this guy. HHC is so fortunate to have such a stellar employee! Jim is a resource nurse for every service. He works every day and will stay late every day if there is a need.