Robin Passantino
September 2018
Cardiac Transition Unit
University of Virginia Health System
United States




My husband needed a heart catheterization when we showed up at UVA's CTU. It was a bit stressful for us both as we waited for several hours in a small, windowless room with my husband hooked up to monitors while lying in bed and I sat near him. Robin brought us a welcome breath of fresh air! She also shared with us some valuable information.
After caring for my husband a little while and getting some personal history, Robin explained his low heartbeat seemed to be "runner's heart syndrome," which means his heartbeat adjusted to 40 years of long-distance running by slowing down to the low- to mid-50's. It was so slow while laying down and resting so long that it started going into bradycardia territory. So, the heart monitor alarm kept going off, which had us both on edge. Robin's keen sense of humor and light-hearted jokes made all of it bearable.
Robin, like my husband, is from the Bronx area of NYC, and she shares his quirky sense of humor. She had him and I both laughing time and again after she came on duty and checked in on him often. There was no doubt that she personally cared for his well-being and comfort for she anticipated his needs, perfectly!
The procedure went very well, and we left the hospital late that afternoon feeling great because of Robin's humorous joking, mixed with so much knowledge and expertise. If not for her, we would have been very exhausted and very stressed. Not good for either of our health!
After that VERY long day and a somewhat frightening procedure, we both thanked God for Robin's calming influence and gentle care. I'm only sorry it took me so long to nominate Robin for this award.
Her expertise as a CTU nurse, combined with such attentive, personalized care, makes her an absolutely OUTSTANDING nurse, the best we have ever encountered. She should be highly commended.