Renee Starr
November 2022
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
United States




Renee has been absolutely pivotal and central to the process of choosing the infant security system to the recent rollout of that system.
I nominated Renee Starr for a DAISY Award for her extraordinary commitment to patient care and employee education competency in the midst of rolling out the infant security system. Renee has been absolutely pivotal and central to the process of choosing the infant security system to the recent rollout of that system.

Renee has been at Denver Health for more than 20 years and I first remember working with Renee when I came to DH as a new grad in 1999. Renee was an LD RN and then proceeded to take on the role of RN Educator in the LD unit and from that role moved into an IT role where she has supported us throughout Pav C and organizationally on a number of huge changes to our standard work and flow. Specifically, during the rollout of infant security (including go live) the sheer number of variables and safety issues that needed to be considered was astonishing. It is unreal how much Renee has retained in her work away from the bedside the flow and standard work that exists in pav C and it is with that knowledge and wisdom that her aid in walking through processes was invaluable. I cannot say how many times I have heard in the last week “we could not have done this without Renee”.

In fact, on go-live week one, we ran up against some unforeseen challenges that were staggering, and by Thursday of that week, exhausted and already having put in a million hours of work, Renee volunteered to stay overnight to aid the staff in navigating the nuances of the system. I have learned over the years that if Renee has a concern… Listen. If Renee has an idea… Listen. The knowledge base that Renee retains is unparalleled and the wisdom of knowing how to best ensure the safety of our patients and families as well as competency, efficiency, and impact on workflow and standard work of our nursing staff is just unreal. We would be lost without her.

The infant security system would not be up and running without Renee. I can say with total conviction that at the end of the day Renee IS Denver Health, her care of our patients and desire to see them have the best care, the best outcomes… the best. Equally, Renee is a nurse. Her care for nurses, for equity, for safety, and that there would be ease in the knowledge of tools and support available to them in moments of uncertainty are heartwarming and inspiring. Renee works so hard. And is a largely behind-the-scenes role that can be thankless and unseen. We see her, and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all that she has done for her nursing colleagues and for the safety and well-being of our patients and families