Rebecca Talley
October 2017
Newborn ICU
University of Virginia Health System
United States




We have had our little boy in the NICU for over 6 weeks now. We have met just about every nurse in the NICU, and Becky has been head and shoulders above everyone else. You can tell she loves her job, and she is so sweet to our little boy. It's been a rough 6 weeks, but it's nurses like Becky who make the whole ordeal so much better. We had the angel eye webcam for 2 weeks, and when Becky was our son's nurse, she would leave little notes on the crib so we could read them from home. She has sent us so many pictures with the nurse's phone when we can't make it up to see our little boy. Every time we come up there and she is his nurse, she is always holding him and just being so sweet to him. His final step for getting out of the NICU is taking his full feeds. When Becky is his nurse, he takes his full feeds every time!
She has sat down to teach us tricks on how he likes to eat, how to hold the bottle, how to spin the bottle to help him start eating again, how to take a bath with him, how to swaddle, and countless other things. We didn't even ask her to do this, she just gets so excited that she gets to show us how to take care of our little boy. We are near the end of our stay in the NICU, and our son should be released within a week or so. I told Becky that my wife and I have a little gift we wanted to give her. She actually told me she had a little gift for our baby. Becky has a huge heart and is a good person.
The biggest thing Becky has done for us is our son responds better when she is his nurse. He is just more alert when she is his nurse. I was just up there last night, and you can tell he is generally in a better mood when she is watching him. The fact that our son responds better to her means the world to us. That's the most important thing to us. She also calls us from the nurse's phone just about daily to give us any updates or tell us any cute things that he did for the day.