Rebecca Gum
January 2018
Rapid Response Team
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Over the weekend, a patient came into Radiation Oncology (Rad Onc) for his radiation treatment and went into respiratory distress and he was unable to tolerate his radiation session. The resident in Rad Onc was working with the attending on our unit to get the patient moved from outpatient to in-patient for further management. We advised the resident to call Express Care to facilitate the admission, but the resident mistakenly called Rapid Response instead. Becca took the information from the resident in Rad Onc, called me (the charge nurse in the unit) to figure out what was going on with the patient, and then decided to go over to Rad Onc to help the resident get the patient correctly admitted (despite having no obligation to do so).
During that time, a code was called on another unit that Becca had to respond to. But after that code was finished, Becca went back to the patient in Rad Onc and again called me on the unit to see if we were able and ready to accept the admission. She and Mike (Rapid Response Tech) then took the time to transport the patient from Rad Onc to our unit and give our nurse a bedside report.
I want to recognize her for her commitment to our patients and going above and beyond to provide care and ensure that the patient was safely transported and admitted. Becca did not have to get involved with this admission and could have easily told the resident to call Express Care, but instead, she not only helped the resident get the patient into the system correctly, she voluntarily assumed care of the patient and made sure he was safely transported to our unit.