Rebecca Aguirre-Guerra
March 2014
Wound Clinic
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United States




...Rebecca is a relatively new nurse, but demonstrates wisdom and careful consideration of her patient's care while she is performing her job. I have worked with and been under the care of many nurses during my lifetime, but have rarely experienced the thoughtfulness and compassion that she shows on a daily basis with her patients.

Being an outpatient wound clinic, we see the same patients at least once a week, sometimes more often, over the course of months and years. Our patients tend to become very frustrated and/or discouraged with their wounds as they either heal very slowly or not at all, which means amputations are common.

I have witnessed many occasions where a patient is crying when they got into a room. They feel that what is happening to them will never end and they are frightened at their possible body image after amputation, as well as the thought of death due to the continued decline of their wound healing process.

Our clinic is filled with some very talented physicians and nurses that have altered the outcome for hundreds of patients that face some very serious wound issues, from losing digits to feet and legs, but the reason I chose Rebecca is that of all the nurses I have witnessed taking care of these patients, she stands out as an empathetic and compassionate healer that is natural to her, something that cannot be "taught" in nursing school.

Rebecca understands what the patients are going through as she lives with her own similar health issues. She knows exactly what they are feeling and how scared they can be once diagnosed. She knows that when a physician is explaining a patient's diagnosis and prognosis to them, they only catch a small amount of the information the first time. She makes a point of going over all the information, making sure that the patient can go home and research with proper terms, that they know that they are being taken care of by one of the best wound care nurses in the Valley, and that our physicians are extraordinarily well-versed on their disease process, the challenges associated with such and the ability to combat the disease and place the patient on a road to recovery and extended lifestyle.

Rebecca never rushes the patients out the door, even though we have a very busy clinic with limited exam rooms. She makes sure the patients are comfortable with their care for that particular day, that they understand everything pertinent to their care for the week and that all their questions/concerns are answered.

She handles difficult patients and easy patients with the same loving, caring, thoughtfulness, never showing frustration or impatience. She is consistent in her care towards all.

I consider anyone fortunate enough to be taken care of by Rebecca to have the very best care, as well as truly compassionate care, that we as patients all deserve.