Raven Curtis
September 2022
Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
UVA Health
United States




The genuine excitement he exhibited conveyed to me that nursing was more than simply a job to him.
Raven helped make what was the most difficult period of my life manageable. My wife came into the hospital suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, and Raven worked tirelessly to give her the care she needed. Not only did he work on getting her back into health, but he took his time to make sure I was also cared for the nights he worked - always asking if there was anything I needed. Every time he'd come in, he would explain everything he was doing and what her medications were for or did, and he helped me maintain optimism as he noted small signs of her improvement each day.

After being off for a few days, we were fortunate to have Raven as my wife's last nurse during her stay in the CCU before moving to a step-down unit. It was the first time he had seen my wife conscious and alert since she came into the CCU and the genuine excitement he exhibited conveyed to me that nursing was more than simply a job to him.

After my wife further recovered after being discharged, we visited the fire station the EMTs came from to help my wife, and we were informed by them that Raven had been keeping them updated on my wife's condition and how appreciative they were of that as well.


I was a patient for mitral valve replacement surgery in May at UVA. Prior to surgery, I was admitted to prepare for the surgery and was a patient in the ICU due to low blood pressure. The entire team was exceptional from the beginning and one nurse that stood out was Raven. He did an excellent job at explaining things and made me and my daughter feel at ease about the situation and having to be in ICU. I was also a patient in the ICU after surgery where I once again received exceptional care. We're so grateful for all the doctors, nurses, and staff.