Ms. Nada Massoudi, Director of Nursing; Raquel Adriano, RN; Ms. Susan Kitching, ADON
May 2015
Pediatric Medical
Security Forces Hospital
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Raquel was one of the nurses who was routinely assigned to take care of our patient who was admitted since 10 March 2015. The patient was a 63 year old who was suffering from Endometrial Cancer who was admitted as an outlier to the Pediatric Unit due to hypokalemia. The patient was bedbound and stayed in the Unit for an extended period of time. Raquel had been very caring to this patient and often the patient was without her family to support her and Raquel spent additional time talking with the patient to avoid her becoming too lonely. This lady's condition deteriorated as each week passed and the decision was made with the family that she should be transferred to a hospital nearer her home so that her family can spend time with her. Raquel had developed a special relationship with this lady and this was demonstrated by the care and compassion she gave not only in her actions but in the words she used when handing the patient over each shift.

Arrangements were made for this lady to be Medivaced to the other hospital at 0600 hours. An escort was required. Rachel was on night duty and volunteered without hesitation knowing that she would not finish her shift at the expected 7am as the flight was not scheduled to leave until 9am. Raquel escorted the patient to the airport for her transfer to Security Forces Hospital, Makkah. She stayed with the lady keeping her company and comfortable throughout this transition ensuring she was never left alone or frightened by the changes around her. Raquel made sure the lady was settled and comfortable on the flight before the plane took off. The rapport built up was repaid by the fact the family ensured the unit knew the lady had arrived safely at the other Hospital and also when this lady's time came they let the unit know that she had passed away peacefully.

Raquel has never asked for recognition or reward for going this extra mile, all she was interested in was the lady had been cared for and arrived safely at the other hospital.

These simple words do not paint the full picture of Raquel's caring and devoted approach to her patients and how without thinking twice she will go that extra mile.