Raniela April Real
December 2019
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




I was working with RN Real on Friday. The patient was a graduate nurse educator at Rutgers College. I was assisting with her diabetes management. RN Real really shines through whenever we have a shared patient. I have noticed RN Real's ability to anticipate a patient's needs, advocate for her patients, and provide excellent recommendations pertinent to the situation and background. RN Real provides real-time communication with the interdisciplinary team and is proactive.
When the patient's blood sugar was trending down, RN Real questioned the meal-time insulin orders and went further to provide suggestions as to bedtime insulin orders in relation to the trend throughout her shift. The patient had a few hypoglycemic events during her stay, and I believe RN Real's suggestions assisted in optimizing the patient's diabetes regimen in the hospital and contributed to the patient's satisfaction in her hospital care.