Pramoj Adhikari
December 2014
Medicine Services
Parkland Health & Hospital System
United States




Pramoj is the epitome of a DAISY nurse at Parkland. He is an excellent role model who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. Recently, Pramoj's exited the breakroom and noticed another nurse looking overwhelmed with a patient's deteriorating condition. He asked if the Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) needed to be activated and quickly delegated the task to the Unit Secretary. Pramoj had his own workload to consider, he had recently discharged a patient and had just received an admission, but that didn't stop him from showing that he cared. He collaborated with other team members to ensure exceptional care was delivered. He displayed leadership by staying at the bedside during the RAT call. He was trusted by the charge nurse, primary nurse and even the RAT nurse because of his compassion and exemplary teamwork. While the primary nurse called report to the high acute floor for transport, and the RAT nurse had to assist on another call, Pramoj stayed at the patient's bedside the whole time.

Pramoj has a deep sense of humility. He remained cool and calm throughout his remaining shift. He is always actively engaged in assisting others, a true servant leader always ready to serve, regardless of the circumstances. He is respected by all coworkers and patients because of his demeanor. He is approachable and always has a smile on his face, which has been commented by student nurses and new nurses in orientation on many occasions. Pramoj truly redefines holistic nursing.