Pauline Calimag
November 2017
Post Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Albany Medical Center
United States




My father was scheduled for stents in September. Unfortunately, the surgeons were unable to stent my father and had to perform a quadruple bypass surgery. Nurse Pauline Calimag MSN, RN cared for my father for a couple of weeks when he was discharged. All the nurses were good, but Pauline stood out for her exceptional knowledge, ability to communicate to lay audience and interdisciplinary teamwork.
Shortly after the bypass surgery, the cardiologist started my father on beta blockers. Almost immediately Pauline noticed a drop in heart rate and blood pressure. After many trials and medication adjustments, it was decided to discontinue beta blockers. We are so grateful for Pauline's observation and judgment. In addition, her communication style was very comforting. We are a family of four kids and have already lost our mother. Pauline was patient in describing symptoms, outcomes, expectations, and goals. In addition, she was very patient with each of us kids as we had various levels of understanding. I also want to highlight the exceptional interprofessional teamwork displayed among providers and caregivers. Everyone at Albany Medical Center Hospital supported my father's recovery, but Pauline epitomize's the Healer's Touch.