Paula Darradji
July 2015
RN Case Manager
University of Virginia Health System
United States




On May 22nd 2015, Paula Darradji lead the organization of the first NICU wedding that took place in one of the NICU rooming in rooms. A little boy in the NICU's parents were planning on getting married but were undecided on where the wedding would be. They mentioned in passing to Paula that they might just go to the court house. Paula had established a good relationship with this young family and had facilitated visitation and regular team meetings. When they mentioned they wanted to get married but unclear of the circumstances, Paula offered that they get married at UVA Children's Hospital so their premature son could be present for the special occasion. They loved the idea and readily agreed that this would be an amazing option. Planning began and was finalized in one week for a May 22nd wedding. The wedding was facilitated by two CH chaplins. Social workers conducted spiritual readings. A UVA musician and a photographer were present. There was a bouquet and wedding cake. The ceremony was attended by staff and close friends and family and took place in one of the rooming in rooms right outside of the unit. The son attended under close supervision by his nurse practitioner and wore blue (he was the something blue). This was an amazing event and the first wedding at UVA CH. Although many were involved in ceremony, Paula took the initiative and made this special day happen for this young family. The family will be forever grateful.