June 2018
Nurses of
6 North
Ascension St. John Hospital




Upon Mom's arrival there she was treated with respect and dignity beyond that one could hope for or expect.
To all the wonderful medical staff of 6th North,
Let me start by saying we will never be able to thank all of you enough for the loving care you have shown my mother over the last 27 days. I brought my mother in via the ER because of shortness of breath. Upon our arrival, the ER team quickly got mom stable and started running tests.
Upon the running of tests, it was discovered she had tumors in her chest x-rays and CT scans. It was at this point Mom was brought up to 6th North. Upon Mom's arrival there she was treated with respect and dignity beyond that one could hope for or expect. I am going to attempt to mention a few of mom's stars.
Nurses Megan, Mykale, Aaron, Lindsay, and two of mom's favorites Christine and Kim. You always showed mom compassion and respect. I would be short-sighted to not mention 3 special techs that found a special spot in mom's heart, Rob, Laura, and her favorite Joyce. Each and every day you all tried to make mom feel as if she was the only one you had to take watch over. Our entire family will always be grateful.
Mom would never whine or complain while her days were flashing in front of her. While she was scared and feared what would ultimately happen she tried to keep a smile and hold hope for a brighter day.
Unfortunately, that was not to be. The good lord called mom home at 10:10 am with her family with her. You allowed her the opportunity to pass with grace and dignity. I can only pass this along to you all. I could not imagine the heartache you must all go through on a regular basis in your unit. You should all be proud of what you do. While it might be difficult and heartbreaking for our family you allowed my mother's last days to go by with compassion and dignity. For that my family and myself will be eternally grateful.
In closing, there have been the darkest days of our lives as a family. I couldn't imagine having any better care than what was shown to us by the entire staff on 6th North. It was the longest 27 days of our lives but some of those days will be filled with memories that will stay with us a lifetime. That is only because of the wonderful services giving to our mom.