March 2017
Nur Nazuha
Emergency Room
Security Forces Hospital
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Although we work every day with our colleagues, many times we only understand and feel their true capabilities as nurses when we go through the difficult time of being a patient. I was unfortunate to be injured and was a patient but I am also thankful to have experienced the excellence of nursing and compassion that my colleagues are capable of.
On my way to work, I suffered an accident and had to be admitted to the Emergency Department just before 19:00h. Nurse Nur Nazuha Abdullah assisted me with the care I required until 19:00h when her shift finished and was supposed to go home. Even though her duty finished, she insisted on staying by my side until all investigations and treatments were completed, without even knowing if I had to be admitted or not.
I was cleared to go home and Nur Nazuha took me home and made sure I was fine until I entered my house. At this time the clock marked 00:45h. After a long twelve hour shift, she still stayed with me until I was finally back home after a traumatizing situation. This attitude and compassion were priceless and showed me first-hand the fantastic care of Nur Nazuha going above and beyond her duties. I will never forget it.