May 2016
PICC team nurse
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Nelson is a reliable and dependable PICC RN. Making an ordinary day become extraordinary is so natural to Nelson, he says, "It's our job". Nelson always displays a great degree of integrity and responsibility. His judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all his endeavors. He deals with issues and negative behavior appropriately with non-verbal strategies whenever possible. He favors resolution of issues in more subtle ways, without hurting the professional relationship.
A patient had an order for a PICC line. Nelson called the ordering physician stating that the patient had a Port-a-Cath which could be used for his antibiotics when he transferred to the Skilled Nursing Facility. The doctor did not agree. She insisted that her order for the PICC be followed. Nelson's thorough explanations and very mild demeanor did not change her mind. She said that the SNF would not receive this patient without a PICC line and that further discussion would delay the discharge. Nelson continued to advocate for the patient by calling the SNF to ask if they could use the Port-a-Cath for the patient's antibiotics. They confirmed that they were able to access the port. Nelson spoke to the ordering physician about the SNF's willingness to use the Port-a-Cath. The physician called the nursing home administrator to confirm Nelson's findings. The patient was discharged to SNF without having to have another central line placed. The process of protecting our patients takes a lot of time. Our patients do not always know what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to patient advocacy. Nelson advocates every day without reservation, without hesitancy, and without expectation with just one thing in mind, "you can NEVER go wrong doing the RIGHT thing".