June 2022
8 Dean – Med/Surg
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
United States




He made me feel safe and smile at a point when I was down.
#1: Having a compassionate, caring, experienced, empathetic and kind nurse like Nelio was truly a gift during my stay on 8 Dean. As an RN myself, and now a patient, it was hard for me to feel rather immobile, scared, and “not in control.” Nelio was competent, warm, reassuring, and my advocate! Especially when I had some “bumps” in the road to my recovery. He truly fits the definition of “extraordinary” and is a wonderful representative of quality care for your hospital. 
#2: Words can never explain his energy and his concern for his patients. He made me feel safe and smile at a point when I was down. His professionalism is over 1,000%. The empathy and compassion was such a heartfelt thing for me. He would come to my aid as soon as I would ring the call bell. When staff from X-ray and MRT came, he told them, “Oh, you have to be very careful with her.” I’ve never had the honor of being in the hands of such a good, nice, pleasant, compassionate person with so much empathy. He helped me up off the bed. I held on to him so tight I knew he would get me to the walker. I felt safe and comfortable with him. It’s so refreshing to know there is such a special person working in your hospital. Nelio is truly a blessing. Even him cheering me on with “Good job, you can do it!” gave me so much faith. Anything is possible. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. We need more nurses like Nelio, who does his job from his heart. Thank you!