Neelam Shrestha
December 2015
Psychiatric Unit
UW Health
United States




Neelam was my nurse on the psych unit. She was so sweet and talked to me at length about the death of my close friend and really encouraged me to take care and love myself. Extraordinary compassion definitely describes Neelam. She also gave me an article on self-love and several inspirational posters and she lent me a book and a stress ball. She told me I inspire her, but in truth she inspires me with her care and compassion. If everyone could show and give that level of care, this world will be a much better place. I am truly grateful for everything she did for me.
The first night I got to the psych unit here at UW, I was feeling a little lost and unsure of things in my life. Neelam quickly made an impact with her big smile, fun personality and her compassionate ways. She sat in my room with me that night, where I received some of the most uplifting encouragement I have ever gotten. I immediately knew that no matter what, I had a true friend there. She showed deep, sincere concern for me personally and I will never forget it. Thank you!
Exceptional caregiving! She made it very easy to get comfortable for therapy. I was frightened to come to the psych unit. Her smile and attitude made me feel safe and that gave me the strength to seek help and be honest here. Neelam's care was above and beyond any care I had in the past. She planted the seed that allowed me to grow.
Neelam showed extraordinary compassion. She was helpful in every way.
Note: The plaque Neelam holds in the photo reads...
"This Award Recognizes Neelam Shrestha, BSN, RN for Receiving 50 DAISY Award Nominations. You epitomize remarkable care and extraordinary compassion."