Nancy Campbell
May 2018
Ambulatory Care Services
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital




We would like to recognize this nurse 'extraordinaire'. She is the glue for our teams, exhibiting expertise in family-centered care, strength-based nursing and program organization. She performs exceptional nursing assessments; identifying family goals for management, and education for health co-morbidities. Her communication and collaboration skills help to ensure an efficient and accurate team approach that best meet the needs of the child and family.
A family shared with me that they were struggling to find the appropriate sling to safely transfer their child at home. Nancy took the time out of a busy clinic to show the family the slings we use at HBKRH and how to use them. This made a difference for the family, as they left feeling more informed and expressed much appreciation for the information.
Nancy is respectful, caring and honest in all her interactions with children and their families. She consistently gives the best care possible. She is always very positive and finds a way to make it work. She is a wonderful person to work beside.
I appreciate the comprehensive clinical assessment skills that she brings to our clinic as well as her accountability in following up with recommendations and intervention plans.
She is the epitome of strength based nursing; centering every interaction with the goals of the child/parent.
Just last week, I had a question not directly related to her, but related to ODSP/OHIP and drug coverage. Nancy sat down with us and answered our questions. She is never too busy to help us and no question or concern is un-addressed.
Having confidence in our nurse is imperative. No matter how minor, Nancy is always there to help with calming words of support and encouragement. When things are more dynamic or complicated she always makes us her top priority.
Nancy always listens to my concerns and questions about my son. Several times, she has caught situations which could have turned into bigger problems. She respects my observations as a parent and doesn't discount what I have to say. Nancy is compassionate when things aren't going so well and she is supportive and positive when things are going well. She is observant and notices changes in my child from one appointment to the next. Nancy recognizes my son as a child first and a child with a disability second. She addresses my son directly instead of just asking me all of the questions. I know that when I have a question about my son (meds, treatment, developments I've heard on the news) and I call Nancy, I always get a return phone call. I appreciate her being responsive to our family's questions and concerns. She is a calm, caring and a true DAISY Nurse.