Myles Tuttle
May 2018
Medical/Surgical 5T
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




I got here late in the evening and my IV pole kept going off every 5 minutes. Myles wasn't my nurse but was very helpful and kind to come in and turn it off a couple times. The next night he was my RN and he was very very helpful to make sure I was comfortable. He also used the ultrasound to try and start an IV without poking me a hundred times. He went out of his way to numb me with the spray and use the machine to make me comfortable. He also helped me get cleaned up after I vomited at the GI lab. He was just magnificent. He was the best! He was very kind and down to earth and he was great! Myles had a lot of compassion. I feel he was the way an RN should be! He's very attentive. Nothing I asked of him was too much. This morning the lady came to do labs and he drew them for her off of the IV so I wouldn't be hurt again!