Murtada Abdu
January 2019
Medical Surgical
Parker Adventist Hospital
United States




Murtada was my nurse as I am recovering from a small bowel obstruction. My father passed away yesterday, and Murtada was quick to reach out not only to me, but also to my doctors to explain my situation. He was very compassionate and attentive. My wife was here with me and needed to go home because it was snowing quite heavily. She is going to have total ankle replacement surgery in a few weeks, and I was concerned about her falling. Since I came in on an emergency basis, I remembered I didn't have an ice scraper in the car. Murtada surprised us by going out and cleaning all the ice and snow off of my wife's car after the end of his shift so that she could get home safely. Not only did he provide the best nursing care for me yesterday, he was compassionate as I received news of my father's passing and then went beyond his responsibilities and simply did a good deed. He deserves special recognition!