Mollie Jacobs
December 2021
Perioperative Services
Memorial Medical Center
United States




Mollie leaned in on my bed and held my hand and told me I was going to be ok and I am in good hands.
I was scheduled for a knee replacement. I was called back to my room where I was going to be prepped. I was met with a lovely nurse named Mollie. You could see her smile even though she wore a mask. You can see it in her eyes. I was very anxious and nerves were out of this world when I got in there. She explained everything that she would be doing with me before surgery and during each step of the process. I am not a fan of any kind of needles and when she gave me the IV port she was very gentle and talked to me in a soothing voice as she inserted it. (She was so good it did not even leave a bruise!) After we were all done, it was time to go to the nerve block room. As I was wheeled out of the room I said goodbye to my husband and I began to have big tears running down my face. Mollie saw this, came over to me while in the hall, and leaned in on my bed and held my hand and told me I was going to be ok and I am in good hands. She gave me some Kleenex and she got me to laugh a bit and then we continued on.

Mollie was the first one I saw when she was calling my name to wake me more and telling me I did great! I felt relaxed knowing she was going to continue caring for me. She was making sure I was comfortable with the pain level. She could tell I was in more pain by my face than what I was telling her. That’s a good nurse who can read a patient’s expressions like that!! She got me finally comfy with pain meds during my recovery in the room. We had a little bit of fun and laughed as well.

It's easy to describe how soothing and loving Mollie is and how she made me feel very comfortable and she had the love and patience of an angel. She has a very loving and nurturing, gentle way about her. I want to thank her for her caring and loving ways she has. And anyone that has Mollie for a nurse is a very lucky person. She is a HUGE asset to your team in the surgical department. Bless you and THANK YOU again, Mollie, you are the best!