Mohammad Al Darwish
December 2018
Al Darwish
University Diabetic Center
King Abdulaziz University Hospital Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




My mother is a diabetic patient who requires foot care and usually goes to a different hospital, but nothing compares to the treatment she received from Mr. Darwish. We really appreciate how he cares for my mother; he is very welcoming and very attentive to our needs. He treats my mom as his own. He made us very comfortable and he gained our trust. He even gave his number so whenever we have questions regarding the foot care, we will be reassured. Every weekend, we send pictures of my mom's foot wound so we will know what to do. We followed all his instructions because we trust him. He is very accommodating and made us feel like family. My mother's foot wound improved a lot with the help of his never-ending nursing care.