Feyi Agbeyomi
September 2018
Labor and Delivery
Piedmont Rockdale Hospital
United States




Feyi was caring for a patient on L&D who had been admitted for abdominal pain and constipation. The patient's condition continued to deteriorate as she began running a fever, became weaker with pain and eventually unable to communicate. Feyi completed a thorough head to toe assessment of the patient and notified both the OB and Hospitalist. The decision was made to transfer the patient to the ICU following an emergency C-section.
The initial incision revealed a clear active infection. A healthy baby was delivered and a general surgeon was called to assist in identifying the cause of the infection. Due to the inflammation and anatomy, the patient's ruptured appendix was not seen on the CT scan. The surgeon performed an appendectomy and the patient was able to make a full recovery.
Feyi's incredible assessment skills and listening to the patient, as well as speaking up for her patient and baby led to an excellent outcome for the family.