Mocthar Abdul Ali
August 2018
Abdul Ali
Ward 39, Male Adult General Ward
King Khalid University Hospital Nursing Services
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




I would like to thank you for this nice gesture to give me the chance to nominate this Extraordinary Nurse in ward 39 for his caring and sincerity in taking care of his patients. He is a true DAISY Nurse.
I would like to thank this Extraordinary Nurse for everything he is doing for his patients. Taking good care of them. He is very caring in giving patients their medicine on time and keeping patients clean.
This Extraordinary Nurse is one of the best nurses among his colleagues in Ward 39. He is a competent person, this is my story with him:
My brother A was admitted to the hospital 4 months ago. Mocthar asked us about his father and his brother. From the moment he knew that my brother was orphan and has no other male family to sit with him, he said that he would be a father and a brother tohim. He kept asking about A when he was not assigned to take care of him, even if we have a question for the doctors, he is always there for us. He is kind, smiling and a good listener to the patients. He is a great example of how a nurse should be with patients and their families.
I would like to nominate this Extraordinary Nurse for his quick response to his patients, serving them with a big smile and great humanity. Taking care of his patients after surgery especially when they want to use the bath without delay. He is highly professional when dealing with patients. Thanks for the great and deep care.