Shae Gallant
August 2020
Wise Health System
United States




This is the story of a 19-year-old mother who was fighting for her life. She had four seizures in three hours, with her family at her bedside. She had very high blood pressure and severe kidney failure. The patient had to be put on emergent dialysis.
This was a medical challenge that required everyone involved, including doctors and nurses, to be at their very best, in order to help save her life. It required very fast action, especially by the nursing staff, because at that point in time it was touch and go.
One of the spear headers in this effort was Miranda "Shae" Gallant. She was the bedside nurse in the CCU. She made sure that everything was done in a very expeditious manner and dialysis was initiated quickly.
Another issue was to understand, be empathetic, and supportive of the young mother, as well as her husband and her mother, who were at the bedside. These are not "medical people" and all of this was very scary for them. During this tough situation, Shae was holding their hand and comforting them.
Given the extremely complicated medical problems and difficult social situation, the way it was handled by Shae, makes her a true DAISY Nurse.
Thank you for your hard work.