Mike Russo
September 2022
Cardiac Stroke
Parker Adventist Hospital
United States




Mike just knew she needed reassurance and he gave that to her.
Mike was absolutely amazing as a person and as my Mom's nurse in the last days of her life. Initially, we met Mike when my Mom was admitted to the Emergency Room and sent to the Cardiac Unit. She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My mom was so lovingly cared for that day as Mike was ending his shift. He was so patient with her. Mike was her nurse again on Christmas Eve, and again kind, thoughtful, and so helpful. As her family, we knew that she was nearing the end of her long life (95 years). Through it all, Mike was always encouraging and caring.

When it was strongly suggested by the hospitalist that my Mom needed to have a procedure to drain fluid from her lungs, she was very fearful. Mike came in after the doctor left and explained slowly and so kindly to her that it would be a minor procedure and that she would feel so much better if she decided to do it. He told her and us to take our time to make a decision so that she wouldn't be rushed. I'm sure he knew that as an end-of-life patient, hours or even a day or two wouldn't matter. He just knew she needed reassurance and he gave that to her. She did have the procedure that afternoon and it did relieve the fluid that was making it so difficult for her to breathe. Because of his explanation and kindness, she also felt better for a few more days. Those few days gave all of her family time to talk to her and some of us to spend with her before she passed away.

Mike just "gets it"! He is a compassionate and caring person, who, as a nurse made it so much easier for my sweet Mom. She didn't want to leave Parker Adventist because she had such GOOD care. She got her wish and died peacefully. I want to thank him personally on behalf of my whole family. He is a true DAISY Nurse.