Michaella Campbell
January 2021
FirstHealth of the Carolinas - FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital




Michaella Campbell and I were both caring for a mutual patient and ultimately the decision was made to transition this patient to comfort care. Michaella advocated for the patient and ensured that all of the patient and family's needs were met. She even offered to come in and work on her day off to ensure the patient would have continuity of care due to the family's request. The family told me on more than one occasion how much they appreciated Michaella's attention to their loved one and the compassion she showed during such a difficult time. As a provider in the palliative care department, I truly felt Michaella embodied everything needed for a patient receiving comfort care for both the patient and the family. She went above and beyond, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her for our patient. I told Michaella myself, "These last 2 days, you definitely earned your halo in my eyes."