Meredith Dyer
August 2021
Labor and Delivery
University of Virginia Health
United States




Meredith was so kind and nurturing.
My fiancé and I made our way into the L&D unit with so much hurt and sadness in our hearts, our daughter was about to come into this world but with no heartbeat. We walked into our room with so much devastation. Meredith was our nurse for the day, and I couldn’t have picked a better person to walk us through the whole process. We cannot pick one example as our whole experience was nothing we can split into reasons as to why Meredith deserves this award.

Every step of the way was painful, from stepping into the room, putting on the gown, the epidural, the IV, the contractions, we had no happy moments, but this was at no fault to Meredith. Meredith was so kind and nurturing and of course, all nurses should be but even though our minds were consumed with what was about to happen, we couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Meredith was with us. I could tell her heart was as broken as ours and I didn’t expect that at all coming from a nurse, I mean, it is her job, but I could tell that to her, nursing is much more than just a paycheck.

Every time we talk about our experience at UVA and how delivering our stillborn daughter was, we always mention Meredith. I have a few photos with her and the way she looks at our daughter is just heartwarming. She has a very special place in our hearts and her kindness will never be forgotten. I only hope that if we ventured the L&D floor, that she will be our nurse. With all of that being said, again, we cannot pick one specific instance, she was far more than amazing from the time we were there and left. Nurses deal with so much and when it comes to L&D, most people only think of happiness.