Melissa Slotterback
November 2020
Washington Township Emergency Department
Jefferson Health New Jersey




Over the last eight weeks, I have had the privilege of working with several members of the Emergency Department Team as I transitioned into the role of staff nurse. I am writing to express my appreciation for my preceptors and the staff as a whole. Too often, in nursing, we eat our young and new employees. I was pleasantly surprised that the staff was welcoming and willing, at any point, to help me adjust to the new environment.
Most of my orientation was spent with Melissa Slotterback. Over the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of watching and working with an exceptional nurse. Melissa exemplifies what nursing is. She is patient-focused and not worried about what others think. Her focus is on what is best for the patient and how it meets the goals of the organization. She puts the patient and the patient's experience first. She looks out for their best interest, especially in the hard times of COVID-19 when families, who usually are the best patient advocates, can't be present. I have watched Melissa step up on multiple occasions to be that advocate.
Melissa's engagement in the Department promotes extraordinarily compassionate care to the patients with which she engages. She doesn't do things halfway - if she engages a patient, she does it without compromise. She strives to improve the patient experience and satisfaction of the department's customers.
While working with me during orientation, it was clear that she was doing whatever was needed to set me up for success. She also helps younger nurses whenever possible. All of this leads to resilience and retention of staff. It also promotes a healthy work environment.